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Ramp up your profitability even faster with the help of our revenue cyle specialists, project managers, and software trainers.
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Not sure whether a new software solution is the right answer to your biggest challenges? Request a consultation today.
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Do more with less. Manage your revenue cycle with a powerful, intuitive, customized billing and claims platform designed especially for your organization.
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Ramp up faster with the help of our revenue cycle specialists, project managers, and software trainers. The learning curve for any new software system can be steep. We help your team overcome these hurdles by providing human-to-human support at every step of the way. Flexible staffing solutions include short-and-long term specialists with many years of experience helping organizations just like yours.

We can hire and manage on-site at your location or hire and manage staff to work out of our own Houston location. Like our software packages, our staffing solutions are customized to ensure they meet your needs.


Not sure how to solve your profit loss problems? Make an appointment with one of our experts to help you determine the right solution for your health care operation.

We'll help you answer your questions, determine which upgrades you need to streamline your operations, and give you a path forward towards improving revenue and operational efficiencies.


Take your billing to the cloud, eliminate paper, supercharge productivity and simplify the claims process. The ARMS PRO software solution can be customized, modified, and scaled up or down to meet the needs of any organization, with no need for additional procurement or purchases. ARMS PRO allows claim billing, accounting, and reporting to be handled from a single application while ensuring you remain in compliance with state and federal regulations.
It also offers complete form letter templates, allowing you to generate any required correspondence at the touch of a button. Easy reporting tools and dashboards help you stay on top of operations in one intuitive, user-friendly interface.

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How much does it cost? Ultimately, ARMS PRO is an investment that pays for itself by maximizing and increasing your revenue. The initial investment is competitively positioned.

Case Studies


Providing software solutions to large government agencies
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BCBS of South Carolina

Providing Medicaid subrogation solutions to State agencies
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