Case Studies


The Problem: The United States Department of Defense needed to optimize the healthcare facilities on 135 global military basis. Legacy software was inefficient and was actively causing problems and slowdowns which impacted quality of care.

The Solution: The federal government awarded this project to our company in 2013. It launched in 2014, and remains active.

To date, this project has been wildly successful, and demonstrates our ability to scale solutions up or down across a wide variety of sites belonging to a very large federal entity.

BCBS of South Carolina

The Problem: The South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services needed tracking and optimizing the cost model they've been using for administering Medicaid across the state's population. Legacy systems were clunky, outdated, and costly.

The Solution: We partnered with BCBS of South Carolina to sell, license, and administer a new software solution that has been wildly successful. We had to adjust, adapt, and scale the project from our local Houston office and do so in response to the needs of each office involved in the project.

The project has been successful enough to use as a launch point for addressing other Medicaid challenges in other states.

There are always challenges associated with scaling and customizing resources to meet client needs. Often, the adjustments we need to make are learning experiences. Sometimes they're very difficult ones. Yet in each case we've been able to adjust quickly and act with flexibility to meet the project requirements.

What are your project requirements? What challenges are your healthcare organization facing? If you're not happy with revenues, benefits administration, claims collections or any other aspect of your organization's billing and revenue generation systems reach out to us to schedule a consultation today.