Veteran’s Healthcare

Veteran’s Healthcare

Mission Impossible?

Your objective is to meet performance goals set by the Office of Inspector General.

To do that, you’re required to use technology that does a good job of managing patient records, but wasn’t designed for the modern challenges of revenue recovery.

These technology deficiencies are compounded by the fact that you don’t necessarily have a great deal of control over the qualifications or motivations of the staff that is assigned to your revenue recovery operations.

For these and other reasons it has been widely recognized by MCCRs, CPAC Directors, and BIMs that some of the work must be outsourced in order to meet the OIG performance goals.

There are several revenue cycle management vendors you can choose from, but how do you know which will best serve your needs?  They all seem qualified.

Consistently Exceeding OIG Requirements

Since 1992 Benefit Recovery has enabled healthcare providers to collect all of the revenue they are entitled to, in most cases far surpassing the capability of our clients to secure that revenue on their own.  We consistently exceed OIG requirements.

Why are we able to succeed where so many others fail?  There are many reasons.

Technology. Benefit Recovery has spent more than two decades developing and perfecting the only technology of its kind in the world – a purpose-built system designed for one thing and one thing only.  To maximize your revenue.

People. Benefit Recovery has the most experienced people in the industry. We manage those people in a supportive team environment with meticulous auditing and compensation structures that ensure best practices are implemented quickly and followed diligently.

Processes. Benefit Recovery’s processes are both highly developed and, with the aid of our technology, easy for our staff to apply. Most importantly, they ensure you get more of the revenue you are owed.

Specialization. Unique among the companies offering this service, Benefit Recovery is the only one that specializes in healthcare applications. 

Knowledge of the VHA. Benefit Recovery knows the VistA system and speaks the same business language you do.

No Cookie Cutter Solutions

Benefit Recovery never works with any two VHA clients in exactly the same way.  That’s because we have the flexibility to develop programs based on your specific needs. 

A typical Benefit Recovery program may include multiple methodologies to meet your unique requirements.

Talk to Benefit Recovery and learn how you can collect more money faster with superior technology, people and processes.

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