Third-Party Collections

Third-Party Collections

DoD Who?

The Department of Defense (DoD) continuously bills third party insurance carriers for covered medical procedures. But there’s a problem. Most payers contract primarily with civilian medical facilities and are not set up for optimum handling of DoD claims. In some cases, payers even seem to remain willfully ignorant of DoD protocols and procedures, using their unfamiliarity with the DoD as an excuse to pay whatever they want, or nothing at all.

"Benefit Recovery will hold your payers to a higher standard of accuracy and timeliness."

Ensuring Payers Pay

Benefit Recovery has a long successful history of revenue optimization at DoD medical facilities, through detecting, monitoring and controlling third-party delinquencies or reductions. Using a combination of intelligent business processes, technology, experience, and custom-designed communications, we keep revenue up and excuses down. For years our DoD clients have been reporting quantifiable increases in third-party payment accuracy and timeliness as a result of working with our highly qualified recovery experts.

Benefit Recovery even has a payer relations department that works directly with carriers to educate them on federal regulations and DoD procedures.  With our extensive experience and vast knowledge base, we know the regulations and the carriers thoroughly, and are able to work effectively through payer issues. In fact, Benefit Recovery was the first company to develop a system enabling electronic billing of DoD pharmacy claims. No mean feat, when you consider we first had to convince all the payers to accept DoD electronic billing in a format more suited to the DoD way of doing business. Since then we have continued to innovate and now have a complete system that incorporates everything the DoD needs for third party collections.

With Benefit Recovery, you are assured of:

  • Maintaining low overhead
  • Focusing your staff and resources
  • Working with the top talent in the industry
  • Showing payers you mean business

Our systematic recovery process will hold your payers to a higher standard of accuracy and timeliness. Your cost to collect will decrease and your revenue flow will increase.

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