OHI Discovery

OHI Discovery

The Invisible Insurance

"Benefit Recovery deploys the most comprehensive OHI network in the entire country."

Department of Defense (DoD) treatment facilities risk losing millions of dollars in unbilled medical costs because they lack information about other insurance carried by their patients. On an even larger scale, it’s been estimated that the Defense Health Agency (DHA) could save billions by avoiding payment of claims submitted under TRICARE for treatment that should be covered by other insurance agencies.

But the process of identifying exactly which organization to bill, and then getting them to actually pay, is extremely challenging.

While there are a large number of vendors who say they can help, most of them don’t have access to the proper databases. Many also lack the people, processes and technology to effectively follow up on claims, even if they are able to determine the correct payer.

To effectively pursue other insurance opportunities, you need a provider who can access more than just a few databases. You need a provider who can find insurance information for anybody likely to have third-party coverage.

We Can Follow The Money

Benefit Recovery deploys the most comprehensive network in the entire country.  Our system is simply the best possible structure for finding insurance information.  We have proven again and again that Benefit Recovery is able to consistently discover more third-party insurance information than any other organization.

In fact, an Army Medical Center found that a further ten percent of their patients had commercial health insurance after running a test with Benefit Recovery's search engine. The information resulted in millions of additional dollars in recovered third party billings that year, and the return on investment was 20 to 1.

Benefit Recovery’s advanced OHI (Other Health Insurance) Discovery and Identification system ensures your facility has the latest comprehensive insurance information for every case. We can assist you to:

  • Update your records to reflect previously unknown patient insurance status
  • Generate a surprisingly large amount of revenue almost instantly
  • Assess and improve the integrity of all patient insurance information
  • Verify insurance eligibility and status for all outstanding claims
  • Get support with your patient database maintenance


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