Claims Auditing

Claims Auditing

Intelligent Execution via Claims Auditing

Benefit Recovery can help improve your profitability with a thorough and effective audit of outstanding claims. Through proven processes developed by experts who have seen all manner of DOD-related claim situations, this process allows your DOD facility to:

  • Understand next steps on a case-by-case basis
  • Get more mileage from your budget
  • Squeeze extra dollars from existing claims
  • Make the best use of your staff
  • Minimize cost of recovery

Our claims auditing service also works with your DOD facility to help better execute claim management in the long-term, refining the way your institution generates alternative solutions to claim complexities.

Government facilities across the nation have used our auditing expertise to improve financial performance, either as a turnkey service or as part of a more comprehensive recovery process.

For questions about how our DOD-experienced staff can support your facility through claims auditing, contact Benefit Recovery at 800.388.2774.

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