Business Office Management

Business Office Management

Taking Care Of Business

In-house revenue recovery and management programs can be expensive to operate within a Department of Defense (DoD) treatment facility.

"We know DoD revenue office procedures inside and out."

Sometimes outsourcing makes real sense, providing you pick the right supplier.

For years Benefit Recovery has worked within DoD medical offices, delivering a complete and effective program to successfully administer all aspects of revenue management.

The reason we’re able to do that is because we know DoD revenue office procedures inside and out. We built the system that the DoD selected to replace TPOCS in 2015.  That would not have been possible without our extensive experience and knowledge of the unique DoD business practices.

Our Business Office Management services are improving the DoD’s financial health every day with total business support that ensures:

  • Comprehensive management of revenue optimization processes and personnel
  • Completely scalable provision of the best personnel in the business
  • Technological expertise and process excellence
  • A low-overhead business structure
  • Confidence that a leader in the field will be accountable for all aspects of your program
  • Advancement of your facility’s core business by focusing investment on strategically-important initiatives

We can even provide ICD-10 compliant coding, through our partnership with an independent group of specialist companies.

All our services are supplied using methodologies built to encompass the distinct preferences and exceptional challenges of DoD facilities. From business language to protocols, our leadership and staff understand what DoD operations need and how to deliver it proficiently. 

Talk to Benefit Recovery and learn how our experience in the DoD can help you run a more efficient and effective business office.

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