Billing And Posting

Billing And Posting

Freedom To Focus On Corps Competencies

Although billing and posting are obviously important processes, they can often use a disproportionate share of organizational resources.

"Benefit Recovery frees up personnel so you can focus on your core business."

For years Benefit Recovery has worked with Department of Defense (DoD) medical facilities to free up personnel so that you can focus on your core business.

In particular, Benefit Recovery brings value by converting paper EOBs to electronic form, which greatly speeds up transactions.

With our intimate knowledge of your IT infrastructure and applications, we can handle all aspects of your billing and posting. The benefits are tremendous.

  • Access ongoing billing and posting in a way that’s scalable and avoids overspend
  • Get the benefits of leading people and processes without the investment required to keep systems current
  • Focus capital and internal human resources on more strategic-intensive tasks and objectives
  • Ensure hassle-free accuracy regarding all records, as claim data moves through our proprietary recovery process
  • Improve your billing and posting processes with a thorough consultation and discovery

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