Accelerated Accounts Receivable

Accelerated Accounts Receivable

Clearing Claims Quickly

The biggest challenge Department of Defense (DoD) treatment facilities face in quickly liquidating claims is simply a lack of trained staff. Even at facilities that are able to maintain a large number of staff dedicated to AR follow-up, effectively monitoring that staff is often difficult.

"More claims processed at a lower cost per claim."

The end result is that a significant number of claims that could yield revenue are not processed appropriately.

Achieving Your Revenue Goals

Benefit Recovery continually exceeds DoD requirements.  The very experienced AR follow-up specialists at Benefit Recovery are rigorously trained, well supervised, and meticulously audited.   Our unique team and mentoring approaches ensure that best practices are adopted rapidly and adhered to thoroughly.

Perhaps most importantly, our specialists’ compensation is tied to the results they achieve for you.  That’s one of the main reasons Benefit Recovery consistently outperforms the industry. 

Another is our superior technology.  Benefit Recovery built the system, which the DoD selected to replace TPOCS in 2015 and our specialists use it every day to resolve a much greater volume of claims than is possible with even the best healthcare financial management systems. 

The result is more claims processed at a lower cost per claim.

Verifiable Results

With Benefit Recovery AR Follow-Up you’ll achieve these important objectives:

  • Improve cash collections against goal
  • Reduce cost to collect
  • Reduce Gross Days Receivables Outstanding
  • Identification of trends for internal process improvement 
  • Detailed and customized reporting on demand

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