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Department of Defense

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Department of Defense (DoD) treatment facilities are now expected to be managed like businesses, accountable for their revenue practices.  Yet the highly specific revenue processing protocols required in a DoD environment can make operating like a commercial business considerably challenging. Revenue is often lost because the complexity of the protocols precludes timely follow up on medical claims.

"The company with the best revenue recovery record in the DoD is Benefit Recovery."

To mitigate this challenge, DoD treatment facilities have long worked with external revenue management experts to help recover revenue that might otherwise go uncollected.  And the company with the best revenue recovery record is Benefit Recovery.

Why are we able to succeed where others fail?  There are several reasons.

Experience. Benefit Recovery has provided top ranked revenue services to the DoD for many years. We built the system we call ARMS Pro, which the DoD selected to replace TPOCS in 2015.  Built to accommodate unique DoD business practices, it greatly enhances revenue collection while automating once-manual processes such as claims auditing. Of course, in order to build this system, we would need to know DoD procedures inside and out. And thanks to our years of experience, we do.

People. Benefit Recovery has the most experienced people in the industry. We manage those people in a supportive team environment with meticulous auditing and compensation structures that ensure best practices are implemented quickly and followed diligently.

Processes. Benefit Recovery’s processes are both highly developed and, with the aid of our technology, easy for our staff to apply. Most importantly, they ensure you get more of the revenue you are owed.

Specialization. Unique among the companies offering this service, Benefit Recovery is the only one that specializes in healthcare applications.

We Can Show You The Money

When you partner with Benefit Recovery, you get a team with a long history of quantifiable success in the DoD. From claims auditing to some of the world’s most effective denial management execution, no other company can boast our DoD credentials. Or our track record.

Our DoD clients know that Benefit Recovery lets no obstacle stand in our way of successfully resolving medical revenue issues.  We are constantly improving our technology and our revenue optimization methodologies. Our performance improvement teams can even work proactively – auditing your facility to identify and solve issues before they turn into expensive problems.

Talk to Benefit Recovery and learn how our experience in the DoD can help you collect more money faster.

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