System Conversion Support

System Conversion Support

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Coping With System Changes

Your healthcare services don’t stop just because you change systems, make upgrades or are undergoing disaster recovery. You still have live receivables being recorded every day, but you may not have optimum system access or adequate staff. System conversions are particularly challenging because your staff may need to spend as much time as possible learning the new system.

Stress-Free Transitions

Benefit Recovery takes the stress out of system conversions by working with current or backlogged accounts in the old system while your staff is getting up to speed on the new system. When the new system is finally in place, you can begin processing current data from that day forward without the additional concern of managing claims in the old system.

Major system events are often the cause of lost data that can represent millions in potential claims. Benefit Recovery makes sure that doesn’t happen, with proven methodologies to ensure data integrity, security and redundancy. We guarantee:

  • Enhanced infrastructure and applications perfectly engineered to transition your data.
  • Accessible and accountable technical staff with years of experience in the unique dynamics of conversion projects.
  • Flexible reporting to provide you with customized documentation.

And of course you’ll remain HIPAA compliant throughout the process.

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