Small Balance Early Out

Small Balance Early Out

Outstanding performance by Benefit Recovery. Our billing and collections have dramatically improved. What makes Benefit Recovery so exceptional is we never had a Third Party Collection program before Benefit Recovery. They knew what to do to efficiently and accurately start-up our program. Benefit Recovery has exceeded our goal by 130%.
Col. Bonnie Goodale
Medical Support Squadron Commander/Administrator , 325th Medical Group

Too Little, Too Late

If you’re like most medical facilities, you probably find it difficult to cost-effectively process claims that fall below a certain dollar threshold. Especially once they start aging.

Carriers know this and many have become very adept at creating small balance payment obstacles, such as frequent billing address changes. Carriers also track your calls to them, and if they receive very few calls from a facility for claims below a certain dollar amount, they may simply ignore those claims altogether.

Most revenue recovery service providers also do not handle claims below a certain dollar threshold.

At many facilities, this can add up to substantial revenue loss.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff Any Longer

Fortunately, Benefit Recovery has no minimum balance requirements.  The range is defined by each facility, so we’ll work at whatever claim level makes business sense for your situation.  For a small rural hospital, that could mean claims of $500 or under, but a large teaching facility might choose to outsource claims under $2,500.

How can we offer such flexible services? It’s because of our proprietary high volume, low-dollar-threshold Encore system.  Our system allows each recovery specialist to process 120 to 150 claims per day, with placement ranges that average 35 to 45 days from date of bill.  We understand how to recover small balances with minimal effort on your part and no additional capital investment.

So think small. And recover big.

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