Managed Care Review

Managed Care Review

Benefit Recovery is the leader in their industry. They have set the benchmark we use to evaluate all such services! Benefit Recovery has greatly exceeded the results we received from various other vendors and MD Anderson Cancer Center relies on them to ensure we maintain a strong financial performance.
Associate Director, Patient Business Services , THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS MD ANDERSON CANCER CENTER

Carriers Want Your Money

And they want it bad. Most carriers are driven to maximize their profits by keeping as much of your money as they can, especially in a post-ACA environment. They have become very adept at constantly inventing ingenious obstacles to put between you and the revenue you rightfully earned. Short pays, slow pays. You name it. The goal is to delay and baffle you long enough to make you give up in frustration.

See the Truth in Black and White

To respond effectively, a retrospective payment review is essential. Using data you’ve already collected, Benefit Recovery can show you the actual level of compliance each carrier has exhibited relative to the contract. We’ll make sure you get all the revenue you’re owed, both now and in the future. We optimize your procedures so you stay ahead of managed healthcare trends and profit obstacles. We enable you to more easily navigate the revenue hurdles that propagate around payer organizations. We improve your ability to mitigate managed healthcare financial risks. Bottom line: A Benefit Recovery Managed Care Review gives you the tools to negotiate more effectively with insurance carriers.

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