Bad Debt Review

Bad Debt Review

Outstanding performance by Benefit Recovery. Our billing and collections have dramatically improved. What makes Benefit Recovery so exceptional is we never had a Third Party Collection program before Benefit Recovery. They knew what to do to efficiently and accurately start-up our program. Benefit Recovery has exceeded our goal by 130%.
Col. Bonnie Goodale
Medical Support Squadron Commander/Administrator , 325th Medical Group

From Bad to Worse

Claims are often denied for invalid reasons. But if you don’t have the resources to efficiently follow up on denied claims, they become bad debt and often end up at a collection agency. In addition to lowering your revenue, this outcome can reduce patient satisfaction.

The Good Side of Bad Debt

With Benefit Recovery, it costs you nothing to have another pair of expert eyes review the claim information, and the results can be very positive.

Our experience shows that we can appeal up to 60% of your bad debts. Our staff has the tools and the talent to squeeze new revenue out of those old, hopeless debts. Even debts that others couldn’t collect. In fact, a good way to test Benefit Recovery’s capabilities is to give us some bad debt claims.  But don’t wait too long.  Most carriers provide up to a year to appeal denials.

Of course, it’s even better to review those claims before writing them off, and Benefit Recovery can help with that as well.

A Benefit Recovery Bad Debt Review can improve both your bottom line and your patient satisfaction scores. We’ll also help you develop periodic bad debt review processes and internal controls that will reduce future bad debts.

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