Auto Liability

Auto Liability

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When Multiple Interests Collide

After an accident, your revenue can also take a hit. Making sure you are properly reimbursed when you treat a motor vehicle accident (MVA) patient is no small matter. MVA claims are often resolved in an adversarial environment involving the patient, lawyers, affected third parties and multiple insurance companies.

The Road to Revenue Recovery

Benefit Recovery’s well-trained collections experts overcome revenue obstacles, appraising all potential payers and vigorously identifying any and all payment sources. This includes the patient’s Personal Injury Protection policy, the automobile insurance policies of involved third parties, and any additional sources such as health insurance carriers, Medicare or Medicaid. We are sensitive to patient concerns while ensuring that required documentation is completed and filed in a timely manner, then tracked and managed to expedite the resolution of your claim.

Benefit Recovery has enabled numerous clients to:

  • Recover stalled revenue from MVA healthcare services 
  • Speed up average auto liability claim recovery time
  • Avoid future auto liability claim complications by implementing more sophisticated procedures

Our experts employ best-in-class tools and techniques to accelerate the recovery process. They are adept at navigating the payer-specific processes required to maximize your revenue as quickly as possible, and remain current on related issues, regulations and potential changes in law.

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