Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable

Since 2004 Benefit Recovery has delivered consistent results greater than 80% recovery of third party bad debt accounts exceeding 400 days in age. Benefit Recovery has far surpassed INOVA’s previous collection results by various other vendors in collecting more than $2.5 million. We continue to rely on our partnership with Benefit Recovery to contribute to a healthier bottom line for INOVA Health System.

Benefit Recovery Remains Our Number One Performer.
Assistant Vice President, Patient Financial Services , INOVA HEALTH SYSTEM

Too Many Receivables in Your Accounts?

If you’re like most facilities trying to conduct AR follow-up within the time limits required for maximum success, chances are you may not have enough qualified staff.

Of course, a large number of AR staff doesn’t guarantee success, especially if that staff is compensated with regular salaries. Even the best people are less motivated when they get paid regardless of results. And sometimes is just not possible to continuously monitor the staff.

Not only that, but most hospital information systems were not built specifically for revenue recovery operations.

The result? Often a large number of claims that could yield revenue are not processed appropriately.

To solve this problem, you might be looking at outsourcing. If so, why should you consider Benefit Recovery?

Hiring Good People Is Just the Starting Point

Like you, and most of our industry competitors, Benefit Recovery employs good, experienced people ready and willing to assist wherever you need support. But that’s just the beginning.

There are three main reasons Benefit Recovery consistently outperforms everyone else.

  1. Team Approach. The very experienced AR follow-up specialists at Benefit Recovery are rigorously trained, well supervised and meticulously audited within a supportive team environment. Our unique team and mentoring approaches ensure that best practices are adopted rapidly and adhered to thoroughly.
  2. Compensation. Our specialists’ compensation is tied to the results they achieve for you. Talk about motivation!
  3. Superior Technology. Over the past two decades Benefit Recovery has developed and perfected highly focused software systems that allow our specialists to resolve a much greater volume of claims than is possible with even the best healthcare financial management systems.

With Benefit Recovery AR Follow-Up you get these important paybacks:

  • Slash average accounts receivable days outstanding
  • Improve your facility’s cash flow
  • Reduce bad debt
  • Ensure quality and compliance of account data
  • Identify trends to eliminate accounts receivable problems for internal process improvement
  • Receive detailed and customized reporting on demand

The bottom line: More claims processed at a lower cost per claim.

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