Commercial Services

Commercial Services

Who’s Withholding Your Money?

Healthcare providers lose tens of billions of dollars in uncompensated care costs each year. 

Not surprising when you consider how easy it is for payers to build barriers and detours designed to help them keep your money as long as they can – indefinitely, if possible.

Combine increasingly complex payer impedance with the ACA and skyrocketing costs, and there go your profits.

Responding to these challenges while at the same time trying to run a medical facility has become significantly more difficult.

Successful Facilities Share the Load

The most successful facilities now recognize that the responsibility for developing revenue recovery staff, technology, and processes can no longer be carried by the facility alone.  This is a field that requires the assistance of focused specialists.

There are several revenue recovery vendors you can choose from, but how do you know which will best serve your needs? They all seem qualified.

The Trifecta of Revenue Recovery

Many healthcare providers across the country are choosing Benefit Recovery to complement their recovery process because we consistently outperform everyone else. How do we do it?

Technology. Benefit Recovery has spent more than two decades developing and perfecting the only technology of its kind in the world – a purpose-built system designed for one thing and one thing only.  To maximize your revenue.

People. Benefit Recovery has the most experienced people in the industry. We manage those people in a supportive team environment with meticulous auditing and compensation structures that ensure best practices are implemented quickly and followed diligently.

Processes. Benefit Recovery’s processes are both highly developed and, with the aid of our technology, easy for our staff to apply. Most importantly, they ensure you get more of the revenue you are owed.

No Cookie Cutter Solutions

Benefit Recovery never works with any two clients in exactly the same way.  We develop your revenue recovery program based on your unique situation so that you can collect more money faster. 

Talk to Benefit Recovery about a specific approach to your revenue recovery needs that will work better than anything you’ve experienced to date.


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