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About Us

How do you maximize revenue in a chaotic healthcare environment?

The first step, of course, is to hire bright people and provide the best training and equipment.  But America’s most successful healthcare administrators don’t stop there. They know that there are unavoidable limitations to the effectiveness of in-house revenue recovery operations. That’s why many have decided to complement their staff with a revenue recovery partner like Benefit Recovery.

Since 1992 Benefit Recovery has enabled healthcare providers to collect all of the revenue they are entitled to, in most cases far surpassing the capability to secure that revenue on their own.  Why are we able to succeed where so many others fail?  There are three reasons.

Technology.  Simply put, we have the technology.  We have spent more than two decades developing and perfecting the only technology of its kind in the world – a purpose-built system designed for one thing and one thing only.  To maximize your revenue.

People.  Revenue recovery is a complicated field full of pitfalls, which is why we require our specialists to have a minimum of three years of experience before they can work on their own.  In addition, both our managerial and compensation structures ensure that best practices are implemented quickly and followed diligently.

Processes.  Billions of dollars are lost each year because revenue recovery processes lack sufficient intricacy or are difficult to consistently execute.  Benefit Recovery’s processes are both highly developed and, with the aid of our technology, easy for our staff to apply.

Other companies offer this service, but Benefit Recovery is the only one that specializes in the healthcare industry.

Our superior technology, people and processes along with our focus on healthcare, enable you to collect more money faster.

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